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Tri Travel partner with Pilates for Sports

Clock Posted Jul 26, 2019

Tri Travel today announced a new partnership with Pilates for Sports, an online Pilates training program that focuses on strength and conditioning for multisport athletes.

The Australian-based company specializes in training to improve triathlon performance with a combination of Pilates workouts and technique training. Workouts are provided digitally, require no specialized equipment and are suitable for all levels of experience, from first-timers to world champions.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our athletes access to a training platform that offers a new approach to strength and conditioning – really complimenting their current training programs.” said Shane Smith, Managing Director of Tri Travel.

After working extensively with triathletes, the innovative founders of Pilates For Sports, knew first-hand the benefits Pilates can provide athletes, both in the reduction of injuries and their increased ability to produce power as a result of a strong core. The Pilates for Sports Triathlon training program was born. This innovative strength and conditioning program can be done anywhere, anytime to suit the needs of the time-crunched triathlete. Graduated Pilates workouts, mini challenges and form tips combine to help the athlete improve their swim, bike and run. The company is committed to continuous innovation within the field of strength and conditioning, with the creation of high quality, online training programs for a range of sports, with running and cycling to be released shortly. For more information on how you can train smarter and go faster, head to:

“Pilates For Sports is extremely proud to be partnering Tri Travel,” said James Heath, Co-Founder (with Noeleen O’Shea) of Pilates for Sports. “We aim to build partnerships with organizations that share our values, especially our belief in embracing new ideas and technologies that have a positive impact on people’s lives. We are excited to offer Tri Travel customers a chance to experience this innovative strength and conditioning program that is designed to make their swim, bike and run results even better than before. We look forward to meeting members at upcoming events and welcoming the many benefits this relationship will bring.”

USA Triathlon

In a world first, Pilates For Sports recently joined forces with USA Triathlon to become the exclusive supplier of Pilates Strength and Conditioning to their membership base of 500,000 athletes. This exciting partnership allows Pilates For Sports to take the many benefits of Pilates directly to athletes of all abilities, across the US and further afield. The result being performance improvements across all three disciplines and a reduction in injuries for those participating in the program.

To learn more about Pilates for Sports and its partnership with Tri Travel, click here.

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