Kona Elite Experience

The Hawaii Ironman is like no other race or Ironman on the planet. It requires specific training, preparation, and race day strategy unique to Kona.

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Tri Travel Hawaii Ironman Experience

Start Date 29.9.19
Days 5
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Who wants to win their age group for the Hawaii Ironman……or be at the pointy end of the race?

The Hawaii Ironman is like no other race or Ironman on the planet. It requires specific training, preparation, and race day strategy unique to Kona. Our experts have been traveling and racing at the Hawaii Ironman over the past 20 plus years. Simply put, we are the Hawaii experts.

The Kona Elite Experience is a 15-night tour aimed at athletes who have qualified in the top echelon of their age group and have the aspirations to finish top 10 in their age group in Kona. This once in a lifetime experience is personalised to each athlete on the tour. It will include expert coaching and training from professional athletes and coaches, best race accommodation, breakfast and dinner, massage and recovery, specific course training and race day strategy to your personal aspirations, and much more.

Kona Elite is all about getting our athletes physically, emotionally and mentally ready for the best race of their lives! Our athlete numbers will be limited due to its personalised support and service so get in quick to secure your spot!

And much, much more! Let Tri Travel take care of all the ‘little’ things, so you can do what you came to Kona to do – race your best!

Kona Accommodation

Tri Travel have been travelling to Kona for the Ironman for over 20 years. We work closely with many hotel partners in Kona to provide our athletes with a wide range of accommodation solutions for all budgets. We have secured the best race event accommodation to suit all needs, and our experienced team are the experts in finding athletes their perfect place.

Ironman Event Week

Race week in Kona is exciting, and full of different activities for athletes and their families. Our experienced Tri Travel team make sure that our tour members don’t miss anything, and our comprehensive itinerary covers all the functions and events during the lead up to race day. All of the transfers to the functions and events are included, and tour members can choose to partake in as much or as little of the itinerary as they wish.


Kona is of course most famous for the IRONMAN, but there are many other attractions on the island that visitors and holiday makers enjoy.

Coffee drinkers will recognise Kona as the source of some of the best beans in the world. Get your blood pumping with a walk along the “Royal Footsteps” waterfront stretch of Alii Drive, or take stargazing to the next level with a nighttime visit to the summit of Mauna Kea. Waterfalls, volcanoes, and soft black sands are just some of the natural features that make Kailua unique. Shimmy your hips at a hula-filled luau, or get an eyeful of native history at the Kamakahonu compound.

The west coast of Hawaii is known as the “Kona Side” and Kailua-Kona is the lively center of it all. This historic seaside town sits in the middle of the Kona coast, a few miles south of the Kona International Airport (KOA). Not too long ago Kona was a sleepy fishing village. Now, because of its central location and great weather it has transformed into a lively town that is the activity capital of the Big Island. It is the city on the Big Island that is best equipped for tourism.

There are many shops and farmers markets selling locally produced items and there is a good offering of restaurants. This makes Kona a good and central home base to explore the west coast of the island. Relax and look at the waves crashing over the black lava rocks while sipping from a cup of the world-famous Kona coffee, or have some freshly caught ahi (tuna) while recovering from your busy day.

Tri Travel Athlete Support
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From first timers to seasoned pros, we are with you every step of the way on our Tri Travel tours, because we are stronger together.

Tri Travel Athlete Support

Hawaii Ironman Experts
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We know our stuff inside and out and have been running tours for over a decade. We guarantee that our tours will have you prepared to highest level before your race!

Tri Travel the Hawaii Ironman Experts

What's Included?



Our location and race knowledge allows us to secure some of the best accommodation covering all budgets.

Full Course Orientation

Full Course Orientation

With our team of course experts, we make sure you understand all the key parts to the race.

Full transport and Logistics

Full transport and Logistics

From the moment we meet and greet you at the airport, through the whole tour experience, we provide the best quality transport and logistics.



Catered training sessions on the entire course, including the important Energy Lab run

Bike Support

Bike Support

Bike support and access to mechanics and bike shop.



Access to Tri Travel massage therapist.

Race Week Event Access

Race Week Event Access

Transport and reserved seating to the welcome dinner and presentation nights.

Chill Zone

Chill Zone

Full access to the Tri Travel House, which is a great spot on Alii Drive for our team to relax - it's also a perfect spot for spectators to watch the race

Merchandise Pack

Merchandise Pack

So you're looking your best ever! We make sure you're decked out in some cool Tri Travel gear.

Detailed Itinerary

Detailed Itinerary

It's nice to have some structure and plan, especially when you're about to do the race of your life! Don't miss out on any of the functions and activities in race week.

Nutrition and Hydration advice

Nutrition and Hydration advice

Each location has its different environment and requirements. We have the location and course knowledge to support your plan.

Race Day Strategy Advice

Race Day Strategy Advice

There's always last minute nerves leading into race day. We are there to keep you on course.

Race Day Gear Advice

Race Day Gear Advice

With all the age group and professional athletes, we speak to and see. We are there for guidance and support.

Free time for you and your family/ friends

Free time for you and your family/ friends

It's not all go go go, we allocate plenty of time to relax and enjoy your tour experience with friends and family.

Highly experienced team

Highly experienced team

All our tour leaders are there to deliver an awesome experience. Nothing is too much to ask.

Tri Travel Functions

Tri Travel Functions

Our group breakfasts and dinners are always a laugh and some fun. Get to know other like-minded athletes and their families.


Bike Insurance

Through our partners we offer comprehensive bike insurance.

Pre and Post Travel

Looking to holiday before or after the race. We provide full travel solutions


Let Tri Travel find the best flight options for your needs.

Travel Insurance

Through our partners we offer discounted travel insurance.


The Tri Travel Difference

The little things that make your experience unique with us.

  • Create life time friends
    Connect with like-minded athletes. Who knows, we might have another marriage proposal on your tour!
  • Money can’t buy experience
    This is often a once in a life time experience for you and your entourage. We make sure you make the most of your time at the event.
  • No limits, no judgements
    Ask all the questions you need to prepare yourself for the race. We have all the answers.
  • Network with the Pros
    We have hand selected the best for you. They are here to support your race.
  • Jokes are for free
    We have fun on our tours, and you’ll take away memories that last a lifetime.
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Hawaii Sunset


Day 1



Arriving in Kona

The Tri Travel team will greet upon arrival at Kona airport. We will help you load your bikes, luggage etc. and get you to your accommodation as quickly as possible. If bikes do not arrive with your flight, please do not worry, Tri Travel will collect them and deliver to your accommodation.


We will then take you shopping at Safeway (with your discount Safeway card) to get groceries.

Team Dinner at Humpy’s at 6:00pm

Tri Travel will host a team dinner at the Tri Travel Recovery House to talk through the weeks training, discuss the course and get to know each other while the sunsets over the ocean.


Day 2



Swim Orientation – 4km

In this session, the Kona Elite Team swim over the course. We will show you strategic starting points based on your swimming ability, a safe entry into the water, a quiet place to prepare race morning and what to sight on the way back in.

You will be guided by a pro athlete and tri travel will have kayaks following as well.


Massage with Juliet and Lucy

After the swim, it will be time to meet Lucy and the team for a massage at the Tri Travel Recovery house.


Light Run

This afternoon we will run an easy 30-45min along Alii Drive

2017 Hawaii Pro Athlete


Day 3



Alii Drive and Energy Lab run – 20km aerobic

The Tri Travel tour team will take Kona Elite athletes to the turnaround point of the run on Alii Drive. The run will then begin and take you along Alii Drive and follow the race route to the Queen K Highway. Once on the Queen K you will then run to the Energy Lab and run to the turnaround point. This run is 20km and will show you every part of the run course.


Massage with Juliet and Lucy

Lucy and the team will be at the Tri Travel Recovery house along with ice baths and protein shakes.


Q&A Dinner with Luke Bell

Tonight, we head out of town to a quiet beach resort area just past the airport. Here we will have a BBQ, enjoy some down time and water sports plus spend time with Luke Bell who will answer more questions about the event.

2017 Hawaii Ironman Bike Course


Day 4



Kawaiihi to Hawi to Royal Kona Resort ride 100km

Today we head off to Kawaiihi to start the ride to the bike turnaround in Hawi. We then return and re-group at the milk bar in Kawaiihi. We then ride the 50km back to the Royal Kona Resort. This is an excellent way to see the whole course.


Light Swim at pool

This afternoon we will head to the pool for some drills and speed work in the 50m outdoor pool.


Massage with Juliet and Lucy

After the swim, it will be time to meet Lucy and the team for a massage at the Tri Travel Recovery house.


Cocktail dinner at Tri Travel House

Tonight, we will have dinner at the Tri Travel Recover house with a special guest in attendance.

Kona Swim


Day 5



Open Water swim

This morning we will head down to Kailua pier for another swim over part of the course.


Massage with Juliet and Lucy

After the swim, it will be time to meet Lucy and the team for a massage at the Tri Travel Recovery house.


Tempo Run

Tonight, we have a 50minute tempo run along Alli Drive

2017 Hawaii Sunset


Day 6





Massage with Juliet and Lucy

Lucy and the team will be at the Tri Travel Recovery house along with ice baths and protein shakes.



Start of the Hawaii Ironman Experience Tour

Kona Elite members will join the main group for activities moving forward and follow the program. Some will meet their families and partners at the airport today

2017 Hawaii Run


Day 7


Energy Lab Run for the Athletes 12km

Tri Travel athletes will leave by bus to travel to a point on the Queen K Highway a few miles from the Energy Lab. The run is out-and-back allowing athletes to choose the length of their session. The full run to the turnaround point of the Energy Lab is 12km.

Shopping at Safeway and Walmart for athletes and spectators

After the run session, we will quickly go home and then go to the shopping centre with the buses leaving at the below times. You will be able to stock up on groceries at Safeway and bargains at Walmart.


2017 Hawaii Tri Travel Tour


Day 8


Kawaiihi to Royal Kona Resort ride (meet at 6:45am at Royal Kona Resort) 50km

Today we head off to Kawaiihi – the point in which the bike ride gets interesting. We drive to Hawi and then return to the milk bar in Kawaiihi, checking out all the key landmarks along the way, as we explain the crucial parts of the course. We then ride the 50km back to the Royal Kona Resort. This is an excellent way to see the course and ride the most important part of the bike leg.


Team Dinner at Humpy’s at 6:00pm

Tri Travel will host a team dinner for the Tri Travel crew at Humpy’s Restaurant (next to the volleyball courts on Alii Drive) to meet each other and plan the week ahead. Those who are staying in town can just walk to the restaurant on Alii Drive to meet at 6:00pm.


Day 9



Swim Orientation 2km

In this session, the Tri Travel Team swim over part of the course to show you strategic starting points based on your swimming ability, a safe entry into the water, a quiet place to prepare race morning and what to sight on the way back in. The bus will pick you up at the below times.


After the swim, leaving at 9:00am, the bus will leave the front of the King Kam hotel to visit the bike store and then onto Safeway. The buses will return at 11:00am to your apartments. 


Light run at 5:00pm along Ali Drive 5km

Athletes (and partners) that are staying in town are to meet the team at the Royal Kona Resort at 5:00pm. Athletes from the Sea Village are to meet out the front of the Sea Village at 5:10pm to meet the group as the run past.

Tri Travel Swim


Day 10


Easy Swim + Coffee + Rego

Come and meet the Tri Travel crew from 7:15am at the ABC Store at the King Kam for a coffee before we walk down to ‘Dig me Beach’ for a light swim. After the swim athletes can register at the King Kam ballroom, so please bring your required ID and Triathlon Federation licence.

Hawaii Sunset


Day 11



All spectators Welcome Party at Humpy’s Showroom at 5:30pm

Tonight, the Tri Travel Team is hosting a welcome party with finger food at Humpy’s Showroom, located on Alii Drive for spectators only.



Hawaii Ironman Race


Day 12



Shopping at Safeway

Last chance shopping before the race to get your supplies. Could be a good morning for the athletes to sleep in while the spectators make their way to Safeway.

Hawaii Ironman Event Welcome Dinner and Pre-Race Briefing

Tonight, is the traditional carbo party that welcomes all the athletes to Kona, recognizes last year’s champions and inducts this year’s Hall of Fame recipient. This is a great night out and the beginning of the build-up to race day.


The return journey will be approximately 10 mins after the conclusion of the briefing in the car park.

2017 Hawaii Ironman Start


Day 13



Captain Cook Spectators morning 7am-11am

This morning spectators will be picked up from their meeting places and taken to the Captain Cook monument and see the stunning coastline of Kona.


Bike Check-in at the Kona Pier

Today is the day to place your BIKE, HELMET AND RACE GEAR into the transition area for the race. Athletes ride their bike to the pier whenever they like, however there is a Tri Travel van stationed at Lava Java at the below times to help athletes get back to their accommodation, so we advise to check your gear in 45 mins to 1 hour before one of the pick-up times.

2017 Hawaii Race Start


Day 14


Hawaii Ironman Race Morning Pick-ups

The Tri Travel bus will pick-up at the below times to take you to the start, which for many, is a realisation of a dream – the Hawaii Ironman.


Race Day Buses: Spectator to Waikoloa for race viewing

The Tri Travel race day bus will leave at 8:00am sharp.

 Supporters must meet at the corner of the Queen K Highway and Palani Road by 7:45am. You will be able to watch the race from this position before the buses begin to leave for Waikoloa where you will have a great view of the athletes at 50km into the race in the lava fields.


Tri Travel Recovery House

After the bus returns from Waikoloa you can make your way down to the Tri Travel recovery house on Alii Drive. Here we will have cool drinks, a wading pool and plenty of shade. You can watch your athletes run past twice before walking to the finish line.

2017 Hawaii Ironman Athlete


Day 15



Breakfast at Humpy’s

Tri Travel has arranged a morning breakfast at 9:00am at HUMPY’S. It is a great morning to celebrate and talk about yesterday’s events and watch the Tri Travel Tour week video.


Hawaii Ironman Awards Dinner

It’s time to enjoy the party. The awards dinner is an incredible night, the pressure is off and it is time to celebrate. So, enjoy the meal, the show and then make your way down to Laverne’s Sports Bar for a night of dancing and fun.


The return journey will be approximately 10-15mins after the conclusion of the show in the car park.

2017 Hawaii Ironman Race


Day 16



Departures to Kona Airport

Airport pick-ups will begin this morning. Everyone is to be checked out of their accommodation and at their meeting point at their allotted time.



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