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Tours & Experiences

Hawaii IRONMAN Conditioning Experience

The Hawaii IRONMAN is like no other race or Ironman on the planet. It requires specific training, preparation, and race day strategy unique to Kona. Read More.

Start Date 29.9.19
Days 5

Tours & Experiences

Hawaii IRONMAN Experience

This is our 18-year-old Hawaii tour that has thousands of athletes commence their Kona journey. Since our beginning in 2000 our athlete finish rate is over 99%. Read More.

Start Date 4.10.19
Days 10

Tours & Experiences

Hawaii IRONMAN S.B.R Experience

SWIM.BIKE.RUN tour is aimed at athletes who dream of one day racing over the Kona course or are close to obtaining a legacy slot or for the person who just wanted to experience the course, watch the race and enjoy the atmosphere of race week. Read More.

Start Date 8.10.19
Days 6
2017 Hawaii Ironman Start

Tours & Experiences

Hawaii IRONMAN Fan Experience

The 5 day Kona Spectator Experience is perfect for the spectator or athlete who has not qualified to race in Kona but still want to soak up all the action and explore the Big Island. Read More.

Start Date 9.10.19
Days 5