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A Sport’s Fan Guide to Canada

Clock Posted Jan 14, 2020

By Natasha Woods

Canada may not be known as the hub of sports but the country is home to a wide variety of professional sports for spectators to enjoy. Canadians are known to be exceptional fans and the support the Toronto Raptors garnered on their road to the NBA championship is an example of Canadians dedication and love for sports. The following locations are a must go for sports fans visiting Canada.

Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Canada is known for ice hockey, after all, it is home to seven NHL teams. In Toronto, you will also find the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is filled with mentions, relics, and artifacts from hockey. It is also home to details about the 388 inductees who are considered the greatest hockey players. You may want to consider getting travel insurance before you try the goalie skills game though. Just so you are covered for any injury as you hit the ice and block shots at high speed.

Scotiabank Arena in Toronto

Since the Vancouver Grizzles moved to Memphis, Tennessee, the Toronto Raptors became the only NBA basketball team in Canada. For those who love basketball, the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto is the place to go to. You will get a chance to see Kyle Lowry and the 2019 NBA champions go to work and try to reclaim the title but of course without the key player from last year’s team, Kwahi Leonard. 

Canadian Lacross Hall of Fame in New Westminster

Lacrosse is a popular sport in Canada and was named the nation’s sport in the 1850s. The Hall of Fame recognizes the greatest achievers in Canadian lacrosse. You get to learn all about Canadian lacrosse and those that have played the game. 

Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver for Soccer Fans

Canada may not have a popular league like the English Premier League (EPL) or La Liga. However, three Canadian provinces are part of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) with teams in the league. These are Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and the Montreal Impact. The fans of these teams are loyal and if you enjoy soccer and happen to be in any of the listed cities, you should definitely catch a game.

Olympic Stadiums in Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario

Canada has massive Olympic stadiums in Montreal, Whistler, and Calgary. In these stadiums, you can learn about the Olympics that were hosted by the country. Calgary also hosts Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame which has all the icons of Canada’s sports. 

Canada may not be the first country that pops in your head when you think about sports tourism but the country has plenty to offer sports fans. It doesn’t matter which sport you like, you are sure to find an attraction while you visit Canada. You will also find numerous parks with soccer/lacrosse fields and basketball courts for those that enjoy playing sports. 

Natasha Woods

Natasha is a world traveler who never says “no” to adventuring to a new location. As a globetrotter from Canada, she’s engaged in being a writer with Best Quote Travel Insurance where she shares her experiences and travel tips with fellow travelers. Her favorite saying is, “Home isn’t where you were born, it’s where you feel the happiest.”


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A Sport’s Fan Guide to Canada

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