5 reasons to get into sport

Clock Posted Aug 26, 2019

Sport is good for us, we all know that. Yet, for some reason, the lure of the sofa and a good box set is too overwhelming for some of us. For some, it can be about confidence, for others it could be about finding the time or it could even be that some don’t feel physically able. However, getting out there and trying to get into some kind of sport has so many benefits. We’ll run through the top five and see if we can convince you to get out there and participate in some type of sporting activity.

It can help you manage your weight

Obviously, participating in physical activity has the benefit of helping you stay in better shape. You will use muscles that haven’t been used in a while which will start to tone up. You will also burn more calories, which could help you lose weight. There are so many great sporting activities that you could participate in that could help you lose weight, according to studies, swimming and sprinting are among the best activities to help you lose weight.

You could meet new people

Many sporting activities involve teamwork. When you play on a team, you have to communicate with the other players to really give yourselves the best chance at winning. This team spirit can often lead to friendships. Before you know it, you will have increased your social circle and have a bigger list of social activities that you could get involved in.

It’s an excuse to buy lots of new gear

Taking up a sporting activity means that you will need to treat yourself to some new sporting gear. With so many fashionable brands to choose from, you really will love updating your gear. Plus, thanks to brands such as JD Sports, you won’t need to feel guilty about treating yourself. They have a code of ethics that they abide by to ensure that the products they sell have not been tainted by modern slavery in any way.

Increase your self-esteem

When it comes to physical activity, many of us are put off because of memories from school PE lessons. We remember those times when we felt awkward and that we really couldn’t compete against the fitter kids. This can have a negative effect on our self-esteem which we carry into adulthood. Now we’re adults though and have a choice in sporting activities we can find something that we enjoy and that we actually feel good at. Finding a sport that you can excel in will be extremely beneficial when it comes to your self-confidence.

Improve your mental health

Sport is known to be good, not only for your physical well-being but also for your mental health. Sport is known to be an extremely effective tool for helping us release stress and getting rid of tensions that we carry around with us. It can really help clear the mind and set us in good stead to face the next day without carrying around the baggage from previous days. Get out there and get active and you might well find that your physical and mental health improves significantly.

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